Welcome to Project ECHO iHealth

iHealth is a web-based Disease Management Tool (DMT) that provides a useful method of co-managing patients that are being treated by a Project ECHO partner.

Project ECHO is an innovative health care delivery system which teams up rural health care providers with highly trained medical specialists to co-manage patients with complex chronic diseases.

For more information, please visit Project ECHO’s website at http://echo.unm.edu

iHealth automatically times out after 120 minutes of inactivity! Save your work!

Confidentiality Reminder

iHealth contains confidential health-related information.

It is your responsibility to guard the confidentiality of this health information, that is not to disseminate the health information to individuals or organizations who are not authorized for access, and to access only the data for individuals with whom you hold a professional relationship.

Any access to data or health information in this system is monitored and an audit trail is available to the individuals whose data or health information is accessed.